Young Athlete

Determinants of Skeletal Health in Male Athletes


A study for 16-30 year-old male athletes who are running at least 30 miles/week

Also seeking 16-30 year-old males who exercise for < 2 hours/week

Study Aim

Research in female athletes has shown that high levels of exercise can cause low energy availability, hormonal irregularities, and impaired bone density. However, similar studies in males have not yet been conducted. In this study, we aim to investigate whether male athletes are also at risk for compromised bone strength due to low energy availability and resultant hormonal irregularities.

This study is 18 months long including a screening visit to assess eligibility, main visits at baseline and 12 months, and check-ins at 4, 8, and 18 months. 


We are currently recruiting participants for a baseline-only visit, as outlined below.

Study Visits
Total Compensation up to $1300
Baseline and 12 Month Visits:


4 Month and 8 Month Visits:
May be conducted virtually


18 Month Phone Call:


  • History, Physical, and Bloodwork

  • Bone density scan

  • Peripheral CT scan of arm and leg

  • MRI for body composition

  • Metabolic testing

  • Questionnaires about exercise, diet, and eating behaviors/attitudes 

  • Assessments of activity level and heart rate 


  • History and Physical

  • Assessments of diet, activity level, and heart rate


  • Evaluation of any bone sports injuries 

Compensation Breakdown:
Baseline: $200
4 Month / 8 Month: $250 each
12 Month: $500
18 Month Phone-Call: $100


Study Coordinators: 

Geeta Scarff

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Meghan Lauzé

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Nurse Practitioners
Research Fellow: 

Anu Gerweck, NP

Meghan Slattery, NP

Snimarjot Kaur, MD

Adam Tenforde, MD

Kathryn Ackerman, MD, MPH

Melanie S. Haines, MD

Principal Investigators: 

Karen K. Miller, MD

Madhusmita Misra, MD, MPH