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Fat Mediated Modulation of Reproductive and Endocrine Function in Young Athletes

A study for 14-25 year old female athletes with exercise induced amenorrhea

No Longer Accepting Volunteers
Study Aim

Our goal is to determine the impact of estrogen replacement in various forms on bone density. Additionally, it has been shown that estrogen is necessary to reap the mental health benefits from exercise. Thus, we are assessing depression and anxiety scores in athletes with and without menses to evaluate the impact of estrogen versus exercise on mood. We are also investigating changes in body composition and hormones in the same populations.


This is a 12-month treatment study.

Study Visits
Total Compensation up to $825
Baseline, 6 Month, and 12 Month Visits:
  • History, Physical Exam, and Bloodwork

  • Bone Density Scan

  • Metabolic Testing

  • Cognitive Testing & Questionnaires

  • Peripheral CT Scan of wrist and leg (Baseline and 12 month visits)

  • MRI (Baseline and 12 month visits)

  • fMRI (Baseline and 12 month visits)

3 Month and 9 Month Visits:
  • History, Physical, and Bloodwork​​

    • Many participants choose to complete these at their PCP's office, a nearby lab, or their Student Health Center if traveling a far distance​

Compensation Breakdown:
  • Baseline / 6 Month / 12 Month: $125 each

  • 3 Month / 9 Month: $75 each

  • fMRI Visits: $100 each

  • MRI Visits: $50 each​​

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